An In Depth Analysis of Online Craps

Dice games have been popular since a long time. You remember your first time you got your hands on Monopoly or other board games involving dice rolls. It was your undying love for such games which kept you coming back to them.

Now you have grown up and you like to play dice games in different fashion. Hence we reach a marvelous online and live based casino game called, Craps. Craps is really simple to play and its learning curve is pretty smooth and quick.

Online casinos are offering 2 type of dice based games

.Sic Bo


However Craps is more famous and popular these days. Also craps gained more popularity due to various movies and TV based promotion campaigns. In craps we have a concept of field bets and it is really simple to understand but also confusing with respect to your bankrolls. You need to familiarize yourself with terms like Right Bets, Wrong Bets, Come out Bets and Laying Bets.

Regardless of the smoothness of online craps, you have to know the concept of payouts and wagering here. A general rule of thumb points out that long term bets placed on low house edge are more profitable. In order to understand house edges, you can know about them through games like online blackjack, video poker or slots.

As far as field betting in craps is concerned, don't get carried away by the alluring setup. Always keep your bankroll in mind and also consider 15 to 20 possibilities of unwanted numbers showing up. This will keep you under control and tied to a shoe string plan.

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