Winning Blackjack Strategy

Online blackjack strategies differ depending on the variation of blackjack you are playing and the set of rules that the casino uses. Because of this, it's very important to take the time to develop a blackjack strategy that will truly benefit your game.

What Influences a Good Blackjack Strategy?

There are three sets of blackjack rules that an online casino may follow, including Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and European. The primary difference in the standards is in the way the dealer must act depending on his or her hand. In all variations, the dealer must stand on a hard 17, or a card total of 17 that doesn't include an ace with a value of eleven.

The Dealer and Soft 17

If the dealer's hand has a value of 17 and includes an ace that is counted as one point, some variations require the dealer to stand and other games state that the dealer must hit on soft 17. The blackjack strategy you use will depend greatly on this rule. When a dealer hits on a soft 17, there's a good chance he or she can change the value of the ace to one and win the game.

The Best Blackjack Strategy

Aside from the dealer's actions on a soft 17, there are a few other things that could influence the game's outcome, as well as the best blackjack strategy to use. The number of decks that are in play will significantly impact the odds of the game. Also pay attention to the house edge and the expected return of the game.

There isn't a single winning blackjack strategy that will work for every player and every version of the game. Learn the rules and odds associated with the variation you're playing and with practice, you can develop a blackjack strategy that benefits you.