How to Play Craps

Craps often scares off players new to gambling. There are so many rules, the betting structure is complicated, and it seems impossible to calculate the odds on ever winning at the game. Yet, it is entirely possible for even the least savvy gamblers to learn how to excel and win at playing craps.

Don't Bother Learning about Craps Online Odds

The most intimidating thing about craps is the vast amount of information concerning the game's odds and multi-tiered betting system. For new players, the trick is not to get bogged down in that information but concentrate on learning the basics of the game. Players should begin by making pass line or don't pass line bets. These are simple and straightforward win or lose bets and have the best odds for the player. As the player watches the game unfold, he or she will inevitably absorb information about the complex craps odds and bets.

Consulting Outside Sources

After a player becomes familiar with the basic structure of the game, he or she may become curious about the nuances of some of the other bets. There are literally hundreds of resources online to help players learn about payout structures, craps online odds, and more. However, the best source for this information may be the very casino at which the player is gambling. Many online casinos will offer pop-up guides that explain the game as the player experiences it. This can give the player hands on learning and make the complex game seem a little simpler.

It is possible for even new gamblers to excel at craps. By taking the time to experience the game and making simple bets while absorbing more ainformation, anyone can learn to win at craps.